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Have you ever been to a mall in Calgary, only to have to pass on the computer store, electronics, iPhones and TVs? Did it feel like all of those necessities were simply out of your reach? When you find yourself in difficult financial circumstances that result from life's unexpected detours, there is no reason to lower your standards. After all, just because your ability to qualify for credit stops, it doesn't mean your life stops.

Get The Décor You Need For Your Home – Today

We are the number one appliance store, furniture store, mattress store, and more for people who need to finance but have bad credit. We can provide you with brand new furniture and electronics for your home. Create the perfect vibe in your living room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms with a lease to own financing structure that lets you forget about awkward moments negotiating payment in-store. With us, you can do your shopping in the comfort of your home online. Let us help!

Easy Terms Customized for You

We customize your payment plan to best suit your budget and lifestyle, with monthly, bi-monthly and weekly payment plans. We offer an early buyout plan and you can arrange upgrades at any time, or pay off early, without penalty.

Not Just Leasing-Owning

We are more than a lease store. We are a lease-to-own store. What if you could lease furniture to own for your home, lease electronics, lease a table and a myriad of other important home essentials? Look no further than easyhome. We have it all, and we are your go-to place in Calgary to upgrade your home lifestyle.

Our Investment Transfer Promise

If you ever need to return a product, the amount of money you've paid on it is not lost. We allow you to apply that balance to the same or a similar product at any time in the future. The money can be used towards a new purchase that is equal or greater value than the item that was returned.

easyhome – Furniture Store, Lease Service & More
180-94th Avenue SE Unit 30, MacLeod Plaza
Calgary, AB T2J 3G8
(403) 253-9299

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easyhome – Electronics Store, TV Leases & More
3012 17 Ave SE, Unit 12
Calgary, AB T2A 0P9
(403) 248-2620

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