Model: FLMAZ98522GRY-1PW
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Prepare to meet your new best friend when it comes to relaxation with the Turbo II Power Recliner. This modern seat is the ultimate place to spend your downtime whether you're playing video games, cheering on your favourite sports team, or having a movie marathon. Sleekly designed with a contemporary profile and breathable leather gel upholstery in a neutral grey, this ultra-modern chair is jam-packed with convenient features. A wireless charging pad and a built-in USB port let you charge your devices close by, while a cooling cupholder keeps your drink refreshingly cold. Dual lift-top storage arms are a great place to stash remotes and snacks, and a side-mounted power control allows you to recline at the touch of a button. Finally, create a little ambience with the LED lighting, not to mention built-in speakers that can play your favourite tunes. With its unfettered design and plethora of enhancements, the Turbo II is going to be the star of your living room.
  • Brown-grey leather gel upholstery
  • One-touch power control with adjustable positions
  • Built-in LED lighting, USB port

Product Benefits

  • Contemporary style
  • 35.5"w x 38"d x 40.5"h

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