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Stylish and contemporary, this motorized adjustable height desk lets you to go from sitting to standing seamlessly – making it just the décor upgrade you’ve been looking for to integrate healthier habits into your work life and improve your efficiency.  With a glass top and metal frame, plus four programmable height settings, you can easily adjust the height of your desk from 29.5" to 47" with LED touch controls on the glass top. To avoid accidentally adjusting the height, lock and unlock touch controls by pressing the button on the right side, which sits next to three 2.4 amp USB ports capable of simultaneously powering up to three devices at full speed. The glass desktop can even double as a whiteboard by simply using a dry erase marker to write on and wipe off the desk's surface. The large, partitioned drawer conveniently stores desk supplies.

  • Motorized adjustable height desk
  • Glass top and metal frame
  • Four programmable height settings

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