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Do you desperately need things for your home and lifestyle, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, cannot buy those items at their full retail price? Would you be surprised to learn that there is a way to shop for home furnishings in Winnipeg, even with bad credit?  If you have an income, a place to live and a few good references, you can lease-to-own from easyhome. We offer a wide variety of products that make life much more satisfying and comfortable – because why not?

What do You Need? We Have it all!

Lease-to-own is just like regular shopping, but allows you to pay for items over a longer period of time. easyhome is an appliance store, furniture store, electronics store, computer store, TV store and much more. Do you need in-suite laundry? We are your washer store. Does your back ache from sleeping on an old, worn out mattress? We are your mattress store! We have everything you need to fully furnish your home from attic to basement without the stress of trying to improve your credit or scraping together down payments. If you are a new homeowner in Winnipeg, your mortgage is burden enough! Let us help you manage the rest.

You Lease it, Then Own It

Anyone in Winnipeg with a poor credit history understands how frustrating it can be to purchase items for your home. easyhome is the place to turn to when others turn you away. We will help you return to the degree of home comfort you deserve. We'll customize your payment plan to suit your needs, whether it is a monthly, weekly or bi-monthly plan. Upgrade your antiquated mobile phone to a modern & stylish iPhone, and don't sleep another night on that mattress on the floor – have a new one delivered today.

Buy the Things You Need, When You Need Them Most

With easyhome you can lease home appliances, furniture, computers, electronics, and even tables and chairs. You shouldn't have to postpone living your ideal lifestyle. Even if you need to return an item partway through your lease term, you can apply the payments you have made toward another item of comparable or greater value. It is a win-win! We are inviting you to browse through our website now, or swing by our Winnipeg store!

easyhome – Appliances Store, Lease Service & More
1522 Regent Avenue West Unit H, Rougeau Plaza
Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B4
(204) 925-4702

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easyhome – Furniture Store, TV Leases & More
915 Empress St, Unit 300
Winnipeg, MB R3G 3P8
(204) 783-2522

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